The Year is 1967, the "Spaghetti Western" are successful and the Robert Aldrich
anti-just-about-anything War Movie "The Dirty Dozen" appears in the Cinema.
All this developed into the birth of the "World War II Spaghetti Western"!
Very quick own spanish/italian commandos have been thrown together and
C-Star mummies were flown in from abroad. 
Historical accuracy and well photographed locations.
The bullet-ridden european Adventures in the War Movie Genre show every
sign of microscopic budgets being thoroughly spent!
This is Big Cinema! - Altogether designed to match Hollywood Blockbusters! is dedicated to the story of death-defying
Production Companies and Movie Directors and their admirable courage and
enthusiasm to press some Pesetas out of the moneymaking "Dirty Dozen" Orange. proudly presents:
An expedition into the Location Archaeology of legendary B-Movie Genre Productions shot in Spain.



The filming of 'Play Dirty' in Almeria (Spain) summarized in an outstanding 
insider report exclusively on: