"No Importa Morir" - Fuentidueña de Tajo

"No Importa Morir" - A Leon Klimovsky War Movie squib with all the best B-Movie
A bunch of Genre Actors (Jose Guardiola, Barta Barri, Angel de Pozo...) meet some hot "Lustdirnen" (Erika Wallner/Rosanna Yanni) and a worn-down international C-Star (Tab Hunter), wow!
And Klimovsky got a great Crew (Carlos Aured/...), a nice Score (Michele Lacerenza) and a novel of the Pulp Fiction magician Lou Carrigan. 
All trapped in one movie - This is big Cinema!

An expedition to a Film Location of a spanish War Movie Blockbuster.
Carsten Thiemann, October 2011.

"Bridge over the Elbe" is a traditional Trash  movie, a World War II Spaghetti Western, with a bunch of low performers and failures of the Planet of the Apes, but it was shot with love and the enthusiasm to make some Pesetas. A crazy Plan!
But damn, I like this Cucumber Commando Movie!
Since I live very close to the Elbe, a Film with this title simply earned a wild fireworks. Enjoy the Party!

Atlantida Films Promotion Guide for "No Importa Morir". Director and B-Movie Legend Leon Klimovsky.
Captain of the "No Importa Morir" Commando.
The King of Pulp, Lou Carrigan, wrote the novel which was the basis for the
Leon Klimovsky Movie "No Importa Morir".
More on Lou later!
"No Importa Morir" - "Bridge over the Elbe" - 1969/2011
1969  2011
GI Joe Action
comparison photo august 2011 
1969  2008
A War Movie Hot Spot
US Commando Operation
comparison photo august 2011
Eagle Eyes
Body Count
comparison photo august 2011
comparison photo august 2011
1969 2011
US Commando "Schweinehund" in problems
Jose Guardiola is a burner as unscrupulous weirdo Nazi Bridge Commander.
comparison photo august 2011
1969/2011 - Get ready to rumble!
comparison photo august 2011
Unrestrained hallucinations - A great role for Jose Guardiola.
A Genre Actor and a top dubbing voice for Humphrey Bogart, Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn, James Coburn,...and others.
A great Movie Set, 1969
The Tab Hunter Commando is operating on a dark Night. 
comparison photo august 2011
comparison photo august 2011
The Demolition of the Bridge is beeing prepared.
comparison photo august 2011
comparison photo august 2011
Puente de Hierro, 1969
comparison photo august 2011
Tab Hunter 2011
Look at "her" tight legs. Is this Erika Wallner or a Stuntman?
comparison photo august 2011
Erika Wallner - I think she only climbed under the Bridge for some Close-Up shots.
The great Art of Model building. What would a B-Movie do without these Sfx?
The Bridge Model scene looks suboptimal great, I definitely want it for 
my old Märklin HO Train!
But often a few coma patients fiddle something together...uuuuuh!
Look at the Explosion in "Churchills Leopards" and you know what I mean.
This is Big Cinema! - Blockbuster Romanticism!
This is not a "Bridge at Remagen" Cover from Outer Space,
its the Czech (RITKA Video) DVD Cover of "No Importa Morir".
The best available at the moment.
Atlantida Films Promotion Material for "No Importa Morir".

I have tried to get in contact with Tab Hunter on all channels, no chance.
He probably prefers to sell autographed umbrellas to some old ladies instead of
talking with me about the greatest Movie he ever made!
Anyway, his book "Confidential" is groovy and Tab even talks about the "Bridge over
the Elbe" adventure:
"He (his Rome Agent Guiseppe Perrone) then landed me a job in spain, starring in a 
war film called Bridge over Elba. No one was going to confuse it with the River Kwai.
My contract for that one stipulated that I be paid in cash every Monday, but when production fell behind, so did the payment schedule.
After two weeks on the cuff, I called Peppino in Rome.
"If I don't have all the money I'm due in my hands by this weekend, I'm taking a walk." Peppino ranted and raved, which he was especially good at. 
"I can't just drop everything I'm doing here in Rome for you", he sputtered.
I hung up.
The next day, the tiny agent minced into my hotel room in Spain with a suitcase 
full of cash. I made coffee while we chatted for a few immensely insincere moments.
I told him what a great agent he was, how I was sure it was all an oversight, how I knew this would never happen again. We smiled, we hugged, he caught the next plane back to Rome. I never saw Peppino again and never did another film for that company."

Lou Carrigan (Antonio Vera Ramirez) is a well known spanish Pulp Fiction Author.
He wrote great Dime Novels in various fictional styles, such as crime, mystery, western, war and others. The novel "No Importa Morir" he wrote in the 60ths and
his little book became the basis for the Leon Klimovsky Movie.
Carsten: Lou, have you been involved in the Movie Production?
In the Internet I found the Information that you worked together with Adriano Bolzoni
to complete the Script?
Lou: Well, nobody talked with me. When I heard that they wanted to take my book
for a movie I had to accept it without knowing any details.
And I don't know Adriano Bolzoni, I never talked with him.
But I know the Movie. La pelicula esta bien...considering the time in which
he was shot.
Lou Carrigan and his novel "No Importa Morir".
Different Western Novels of Lou Carrigan were the Basis of "Spaghetti Western" Movies.
He wrote the Pulp Thriller "La Banda de los tres Crisantemos". 
This sleazy Gangster flick was filmed around Fraga (Screenshot on the left) and as main location in the Western Town of Juan Alberto Soler (Director Artistic/Decorador),
"Esplugas City", in Esplugues de Llobregat/Barcelona (Screenshot on the right).
Lou Carrigan - "La Banda de los Crisantemos"
Very special thanks to Raquel Calvo for sending me all these great Lou Carrigan
photos. See more photos of Raquel here: www.ichistudiophoto.com

Rosanna Yanni (Kristina)
Rosanna Yanni is playing a Prostitute (Beruf: Lustdirne).
I got these 2 rare photos of Rosanna Yanni at "close combat" with a bull.
There is no additional information on the photos.
May be a wild promotional show?
He does not bite... just wants to play!
Fuentiduena de Tajo has an interesting little Movie History, which is closely 
connected with the War Movie Genre ...and a small Iron Bridge.
And this History is again and again the Story of colorful Bridge Explosions!
A fate that the "Puente de Hierro" suffers in each of her Genre Films at the end of filming. 
"Bridge over the Elbe" "Eagles over London"  "From Hell to Victory"
The "Puente de Hierro" was built 1868-1871 with the collaboration of a company of a great french engineer, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923).
It's one of the eldest still in Action Iron Bridges in spain.

"Puente de Hierro" - 2008
www.bridge-over-the-elbe.de - Bridge over the Rio Tajo, 2011.
"Puente de Hierro" - Fuentiduena de Tajo - Un magnifico lugar para el Cine!
Madrid panzer-hell-spain