The Battle of the Last Panzer - Monte Cassino - 1968

The spanish B-Movie Director Jose Luis Merino shot 3 War Movie Genre Trash flicks on location in spain. "The Battle of the Last Panzer" and "Hell Commandos" with his Stars Guy Madison and Stelvio Rosi (Stan Cooper). 
And "When Heroes Die" with Craig Hill, Piero Lulli and Stelvio Rosi again.
"The Battle of the Last Panzer" was filmed around Madrid and I discovered different locations in the Dehesa de Navalvillar of Colmenar Viejo (Madrid).
Other sources ( list Guadalajara and Segovia as locations, but my cut roaring fullscreen DVD is of horrible quality and prevents any clear identifications.
The river scenes remind me of the Rio Alberche near Aldea de Fresno (a well-known Western location) but maybe they shot scenes at Rio Henares in the Province of Guadalajara. The Rio Henares was a location for different War movie productions.

Guy Madison (German Lobby Card)  Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rosi)
World War II in the Wild West Town of Colmenar Viejo (Poblado del Oeste de Lega y Michelena). Strange and amusing but always great fun!
When a rusty tank thunders around a Western Saloon you at the latest recognize that you are on a bumpy ride through a B-Movie Trasher. 
The old Colmenar Viejo Town Set was 1968 especially prepared and designed for the Western "The Desperados". "Desperados" Director Henry Levin filmed some fantasic scenes of the burning Western Town from above. 
Jose Luis Merino shot his "Panzer" flick straight after "The Desperados" Crew was riding out of the town. 
The Desperados Set with all the fire damage was a perfect location for him to play a bombed out french town of World War II!?
Impossible for an Hollywood Epic but this is the way a lower than low-budget Euro Trash Production works.
German Lobby Cards - La Dehesa de Navalvillar (Colmenar Viejo)