Location Super Special

"La Legione dei dannati is the DJANGO among the WAR Movies." 
Wild barrage out of the German Promo Guide!. 
But they have been on the right trip. 
Maybe "La Brigada de los Condenados" is more a "Kill them all and come back alone" thing than a DJANGO. However, its a fantastic little War Flick with great
Locations and marvelous Sets decorated by Jaime Perez Cubero and Jose Luis Galicia.
This is the best WAR Movie of Director Umberto Lenzi, with an excellent Commando of Actors. Jack Palance, Wolfgang Preiss, Helmuth Schneider, Thomas Hunter, Claudio Undari, Aldo Sambrell, Gerard Herter, Franco Fantasia, Lorenzo Robledo,.... and Curd Jürgens in a small role.
A great Italo-Hispano-Aleman Co-Production of the golden Years of War Movie exploitation cinema! A must see for Genre Fans.
If you still don't believe me, here is another cracker out of the Promotion Guide: "One of the undisputed peaks of the Genre"!
Brace yourself and get ready for a wild and bumpy ride to the unknown targets of a B-Movie Special Commando. 
We have no scruples and celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this War Movie Rock'n'Roller with an extensive Location Report.
War Movie 70mm Event.
Capt.Douglas (Location Archaeologist), 2009.

The Location Report is ready to rumble: La Brigada de los Condenados

Jack Palance - A War Movie Mercenary