The Production Company Atlantida Films and Director Leon Klimovsky have purchased
an over-the-hill Sci-Fi Star (Michael Rennie) and a bunch of lion-hearted B-Movie
Actors (Monica Randall, Aldo Sambrell, Jose Manuel Martin,...) for the
rough Chorizo War Movie Spectacle "Junio 44 - Desembarcaremos en Normandia".
A brilliant bargain bin adventure with a surprisingly great score by
Bruno Nicolai.

Carsten Thiemann, 2011.

The great Michael Rennie ("The Day the Earth Stood Still") in a Leon Klimovsky Flick!

A great cast of familiar faces: Aldo Sambrell, Jose Manuel Martin, Guido Lollobrigida and Michael Rennie ("The Day the Earth Stood Still")!
Monasterio Santa Maria de Valdeiglesias
In the german promotion guide (CS Film) the boys were celebrated as Desperados,
cold-blooded, reckless and cruel.

A fantastic "Junio 44" Location is the Monasterio cisterciense de Santa Maria de Valdeiglesias near Pelayos de la Presa.
Within a few years back in the 60/70ths a lot of different Movie Productions have been filmed in the Monasterio. Western and Horror flicks and colorful War Movies.
See the comprehensive Historia Cinematografica of this fantastic Movie Set here: Monasterio
Several scenes of "Junio 44" have been shot around the Monasterio in the "Normandia".
El Patio del Claustro - The Cloister Courtyard, 1968.
Comparison photo 2005 - El Patio del Claustro.
Monica Randall - Puerta de la Sacristia, 1968.
Comparison photo 2005 - Sacristy door.
German Soldiers discover sweet Monica in the Capilla Mayor.
Comparison photo 2005 - Capilla Mayor.
Everyone wants to play with Monica.
The Central Church of the Monasterio 2005 and in the Movie. 
Several parts already collapsed.
Michael Rennie - Abside Cisterciense - 1968/2005.
Campanil of the Capilla Mayor, 1968.
Comparison photo - Campanil of the Central Chapel of the Abbey Church.
War in the Capilla Mayor, 1968.
Comparison photo 2005 - Central Chapel of the Abbey Church.
Veronica Lujan

There was nowhere an information available about the Submarine Location of
"Junio 44 - Desembarcaremos en Normandia".
I found out that the S 22 which we see in the movie was stationed in Cartagena!
The Production companies (Atlantida Films/Fida Cinematografica) rented the ship
in the Base de Submarinos de Cartagena.
The only information I found was about the S 01 (G-7) which played a role in the german movie "U47 - Kapitänleutnant Prien".
German CS Film "Junio 44" Lobby Card showing a movie scene - It is the S 22.
"Junio 44" Movie scene - The Stern of the S 22.
No chance to discover where they filmed these scenes...
German CS Film Lobby Card in fine quality.
A spanish Navy soldier (from the S 22 ?) is helping Aldo Sambrell to get into
the rubber dinghy. Michael Rennie is the last one waiting on the Stern of the S 22.
With the help of this great Set Foto (1968) it is clear that they simply filmed the scenes in the Harbour of Cartagena, precisely in the Base de los Submarinos!
Keep an eye on the buildings in the background (skull).
Modern Submarine in the Harbour of Cartagena. 
Compare the buildings on both photos!
The Submarino S 74 "Tramontana" in the Base de los Submarinos de Cartagena.
Some Scenes of the Lewis Teague Movie "Navy Seals" were shot inside of
the "Tramontana"! Another "Submarino del Cine" in Cartagena!
Other "Navy Seals" Scenes have been shot in the town of Cartagena.
"Junio 44" Movie Scenes with the S 22. 
The S 22 was scrapped (1971) only a few years after her first steps into the movie business.
"The Dirty Seven" on a little ride in a rubber dinghy.
All these scenes including the beach scenes (Normandia!) were filmed very close to or directly in the harbour of Cartagena.
No extravagance in B-Movie!

German Lobby Card of the movie "U47 - Kapitänleutnant Prien" (1958) showing the G-7 submarine. The german ARCA Company rented the G-7 submarine from the spanish navy.
The G-7 was the old german World War II submarine U573 which was still part of the spanish navy in 1958 (later re-named in S 01) and of course perfect for the movie.
All "U47" Movie scenes with the G-7 were filmed very close to the Cartagena harbour.
"Scapa Flow" is the Costa Calida with the "Isla de Escombreras" in the background.
The S 01 (G-7) of the spanish navy. Formerly the german World War II Submarine U573.

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