Ponton de la Oliva - Embalse de la Oliva - Patones

Near Patones I discovered a few more "Consigna: Matar al Jefe" Locations.
The Ponton de la Oliva (Dam, built in the 18th century) and the sheer rock walls of the Embalse de la Oliva (reservoir).

Ponton de la Oliva - 2011

Tubes in "Consigna: Matar al Jefe" - Comparison photo 2011
A wild ride in a Jeep down to the Ponton de la Oliva.
Comparison photo 2011
Downhill race
Comparison photo 2011 - Downhill Location race.
Comparison photo 2011
The Ponton de la Oliva 2011.
There were no trees when Director Jose Luis Merino shot "Consigna" at this location.
German troops - Ponton de la Oliva - 1970
Comparison photo October 2011
"Consigna: Matar al Jefe" 1970 - Above of the water canal you can "see" a small street!
Comparison photo 2011 - Best I could do. I stood on the small street for this shot as the water canal is hidden under large trees. 
A old photo of the early days (18th Century) of the Ponton de la Oliva.
Atop the sheer walls of the Embalse de la Oliva. Comparison photo 2011
1970 Comparison photo 2011
Not much water in the Embalse de la Oliva 1970.
Comparison photo October 2011 - A great view into the empty reservoir.
1970 2011
Well-photographed marvelous location
Comparison photo October 2011 - What a view!
To find the exact positions was sometimes an andventure as even larger stones are grown and overgrown with tall grass and scrub.
Comparison photo 2011
Rommel (Piero Lulli) climbing atop of a rock wall - Embalse de la Oliva.
Comparison photo October 2011
Piero Lulli, 1970
Comparison photo 2011
"Arrrr..., I can not hold me."
An effective scene, but the crash is manageable as the stone is less than 1,50 meter high!
Comparison photo October 2011 - The Wall.
Comparison photo October 2011
Annabella Incontrera - Carlos Quiney 2011
Piero Lulli - Craig Hill 
Comparison photo October 2011
Piero Lulli Craig Hill is furious!
1970 2011
Annabella Incontrera and Piero Lulli in la Normandia (France).
Comparison photo October 2011 - Embalse de la Oliva.

A rare Still by ANSA Photo Rome showing Craig Hill and Annabella Incontrera in a Scene
from "Consigna: Matar al Jefe". 
"Shooting in Rome" written on the back!? 
Craig and Annabella in Love - Was this really filmed in Rome?
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