"Suicide Commandos" - "Kommandounternehmen Burning Eagle"

"Suicide Commandos", 1968. A Camillo Bazzoni (Director) Trash Movie with Aldo Ray and
several interesting unknown locations around Madrid. 
What we know is that the Airport Scene was shot on the old Military Airport ("Aerodromo Militar") of Alcala de Henares (Pedro Ballesteros Torres:"Alcala y el Cine"). Only a few more hints can be found about the locations of this flick.
The Landscape around El Espinar (Madrid) and Cuatro Vientos (Madrid) might be used
as Location for "Suicide Commandos". 
I discovered a completely unknown location lost in a jungle of shrubbery near Mejorada del Campo (Madrid).

"Suicide Commandos" - Aeorodromo Militar, 1968.
The Tower of the old Military Airport is still existing and today a part of the
University of Alcala de Henares, surrounded by new buildings.

French Lobby Card - The Hangar in the Background is no longer exisiting.
But on the area of the University you can see a "ruin" of an old Hangar
of the Military Airport. 
This rusty abandoned Bridge is an unknown "Suicide Commandos" Location.
"Puente de Hierro" - The old Bridge of Iron over the Rio Jarama near Mejorada del Campo.
I love this quiet and secluded Movie Locations....just a stone's throw away from Madrid!
German Soldiers running on the Bridge.
Comparison photo April 2011 - Today there is Green Jungle around the abandoned Bridge.
"Suicide Commandos" - 1968 - Puente de Hierro
Comparison photo April 2011
Iron Tunnel - Puente de Hierro - Mejorada del Campo
Discovered by www.panzer-hell-spain.com