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Jose Luis Merino is one of the greatest Film Directors in messing around the spanish War Movie Genre with unbelievable great enthusiasm! 
His colorful exploitation balloons go up and up and sometimes even overtake the laughing gas War balloons of Director Leon Klimovsky.
This time Director Jose Luis Merino sends the "Star" Guy Madison to his death.
See US Boy Guy Madison leading a wild "Hell Commando" Adventure into the well cared-for Park Location "El Capricho de la Alameda de Osuna".
See Piero Lulli as great Gay SS Henchmen turning the wonderful "Palacio de la Alameda" into a Nazi Headquarter.
See the Merino Crew (Stelvio Rosi / Carlos Quiney /...) dancing with the Nazis.
This and so much more.
Stukas over Disneyland - Comando al Infierno Movie Location Report.
Carsten Thiemann, September 2011.

"Comando al Infierno" - Promotion Material

The silence in the park was over when Director Jose Luis Merino started his
"Comando al Infierno". If you want blood...
"Comando al Infierno" Location Map of the Parque El Capricho de la Alameda de Osuna.
A Skull marks a location.
Entrance into the Park El Capricho (Nazi HQ).  Comparison photo August 2011
Piero Lulli and Guy Madison near the Entrance. The Nazi HQ fence is secured with High Voltage!
1969 Comparison photo August 2011
Welcome to Hell!
Palacio de la Alameda de Osuna (Nazi HQ)
Scene filmed from above the roof of the Palacio de Alameda.
Fuente de los Delfines
Nazi Headquarter - Palacio de la Alameda de Osuna
Piero Lulli - Guy Madison Comparison photo August 2011
1969 Comparison photo August 2011
1969 Comparison photo August 2011
Nazi HQ 2011
Nazi Headquarter
Palacio de la Alameda de Osuna - Fuente de los Delfines - August 2011
1969  2011
Piero Lulli and his dog Blondie 1969/2011
Entrance into the Bunker System (Guerra Civil) of El Capricho.
In the Movie its the entrance to the "Soldaten Zimmer".
 Comparison photo August 2011
Bunker - El Capricho. 
There is a branching out subterranean tunnel system which is closed for the public.
Director Jose Luis Merino filmed a few scenes in the Bunker tunnel System.
Palacio - 1969 Comparison photo August 2011
1969 Comparison photo August 2011
Comando al Infierno Comparison photo August 2011
Palacio - 1969 Comparison photo August 2011
Puente de Hierro - 1969 Comparison photo August 2011
Puente de Hierro Location Archaeology. The Puente in El Capricho is
the oldest existing Puente de Hierro in spain and was built 1830.
The second eldest is another Movie Bridge, the Puente de Hierro de
Fuentiduena de Tajo (1868-76). More informations about that Bridge and its
interesting Movie History can be found here: www.bridge-over-the-elbe.de.
A special Location Website!
1969 2011
Raffaela Cara and Guy Madison fighting with germans at the Puente de Hierro, 1969/2011.
1969 Casa de Canas - 2011
 1969 Comparison photo August 2011
1969 2011
El Capricho Jungle
Attack Dogs 2011
The Beginning and the End of "Comando al Infierno" was shot around the Templete de Baco in El Capricho. 
The Templete was decorated as soldier cemetery with several gravestones and memorial slabs.
Templete de Baco - 2011
Templete de Baco - 2011
Guy Madison - Raffaela Carra. 
The spanish "Comando al Infierno" DVD Backcover shows 2 photos of Raffaela. 
Of course these have nothing to do with the Jose Luis Merino Movie. 
The photos are from the Mark Robson Movie "Von Ryans Express"!
"Comando al Infierno" - A Trash Movie from the beginning to the end.
"Bateria o Fortin" - Parque El Capricho, 2011. 
The Park is a fine surprise, with huge trees, oceans of flowers and lots of interetsing buildings and history.

Further locations of "Comando al Infierno" are "Casa de Campo", another Park in Madrid, and the old train tunnel near the Embalse de las Picadas. 
A great location of the Sergio Corbucci Spaghetti Western "Companeros".
Director Jose Luis Merino also edited in a few scenes of his war movie flick
"La batalla del ultimo panzer". Here a scene he shot near the Poblado del Oeste in the Dehesa de Navalvillar of Colmenar Viejo. 
For more informations look here: Colmenar Viejo
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