"Il grande Attacco" - "Die große Offensive"

"Il grande attacco" (1977) was the first attempt of Director Umberto Lenzi to cobble together a Big Screen War Movie Epic with purchased Stars and a filmy script.
We discovered several locations around Almeria.
The fantastic Villamanta (Madrid) set/sequence is just stuck in between from his great old War Movie "Battle of the Commandos". 
I'm sure that Lenzi has not filmed one new second for "Il grande attacco" on location in Villamanta . 

John Huston

German Lobby Card
Comparison photo 2006. The old Rambla de Tabernas Bridge near
Tabernas (Almeria). This bridge was the only way from Almeria into the desert and
it saw hundreds of Film Crews come and go.
1977 Comparison photo 2006
The Germans! Comparison photo 2006
Rambla de Tabernas Bridge
Comparison photo 2006 - The good times are over. 
Today there is a new modern bridge for the Speedway next to the old one and only a very few cars find their way over the old bridge. 
If you want to find some interesting Movie Locations you should take the old bridge!
German Lobby Card - Giuliano Gemma is jumping an a tank.
This scene was shot in the "Buho Prairie" near Tabernas.
See our report here: "Valle del Buho". 
French Lobby Card - This great Panzer Battle sequence was shot in the Campo near Albaricoques (Almeria).
German Lobby Cards - Stacy Keach is fighting with a tank near Albaricoques (Almeria).
Shooting comparison photos around Albaricoques and in the entire Campo de Dalias makes no real fun. The Area changed dramatically over the years.
Movie Locations lost in a plastic world!
The "Mar Plastico" is producing cheap vegetables for Europe and the World.
German Lobby Card - The Sand Dunes of Cabo de Gata are another "Il grande attacco" location. See our report here: Dunas de Cabo
"Il grande attacco" - On location at the "Oasis de Tabernas" (Almeria).
1977 comparison photo 2005
German Lobby Card - Oasis de Tabernas
Comparison photo April 2011 - Timber! - The large Palm trunk is laying in the desert.
The little Oasis pond was not natural. If you look around you will find pieces of plastic foil peeping out of the sand like on my photo from 2005. In 2005 the trunk was still standing - Bare but proud!
"Il grande Attacco"